Why Should Students Care About Healthcare Reform?

December 16, 2009

Wake Forest University offered a course this semester called “Health Care Reform:  A Sociological View of America’s ‘Non-System.’”   From preventive health to cost containment, the class has explored the fragmented landscape of health care reform from the sociological perspective.  Students who took the class are now blogging on why they are concerned about healthcare reform.

By Erin Kelly

It is just another sign of Wake Forest’s commitment to mold critically-thinking students inside as well as outside the classroom that we are able to take a class that directly addresses and critiques political reform currently taking place in America. By learning about health care reform through a sociological perspective we are learning how to analyze political theory through different view points and question the pros and cons of President Obama’s reform plan. We will be responsible for our own health care coverage very soon and Wake Forest is giving us the opportunity to decipher the complicated health care system armed with a breadth of knowledge.


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