Why Should Students be Concerned About Healthcare Reform?

December 14, 2009

Wake Forest University offered a course this semester called “Health Care Reform:  A Sociological View of America’s ‘Non-System.’”   From preventive health to cost containment, the class has explored the fragmented landscape of health care reform from the sociological perspective.  Students who took the class are now blogging on why they are concerned about healthcare reform.

By Dan Jandreau

Healthcare reform is very important for college students. Soon after graduation at the young age of 25, young adults are no longer covered by their parents’ insurance plans. If their parents do not have an insurance plan, they are possibly entering the market to buy medical insurance. After paying for college, graduates want comprehensive care at a fair price. They also do not want to be burdened with debts in the future because of ill-advised reforms made today. The U.S. is currently the closest it has been to healthcare reform. The bills on the floor are being debated by Republicans and Democrats who have vastly different views on how to reduce costs while extending coverage to more Americans. I personally feel that there are cheaper, free-market solutions to the healthcare “crisis,” but seeing as the government sponsored public option has large support in Congress, it will be interesting to see how it turns out.

One Response to “Why Should Students be Concerned About Healthcare Reform?”

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