Why Should College Students Be Concerned About Healthcare Reform?

December 11, 2009

Wake Forest University offered a course this semester called “Health Care Reform:  A Sociological View of America’s ‘Non-System.’”   From preventive health to cost containment, the class has explored the fragmented landscape of health care reform from the sociological perspective.  Beginning today, students who took the class will be blogging on why they are concerned about healthcare reform.

By Molly Hintz

For me, understanding and learning about health care reform is crucial now because as a college student I’m preparing myself to enter the real world. In a few short years I will no longer be under the coverage of my parent’s insurance which means what’s happening now will affect me sooner than I’d like to believe. Being active in the health care reform debate now can only benefit us; without voicing our opinions we will be living under a reformed system decided upon by the pharmaceutical industry and other big business groups who fund our politicians. As a pre-med student not only is my health insurance being debated but also my future job description and role in society.


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